Ouya: A New Kind of Video Game Console

Creator: Julie Uhrman (Ouya)

Date Ended: August 9, 2012

Initial Goal: $950,000

Final Amount: $8,587,035

Kickstarter Link 

It's not hard to imagine why gamers and developers might be fed up with the big console manufacturers that control the industry; their policies and royalties put severe limitations on what developers get to publish and what consumers get to buy. With that in mind, the success of the Ouya console, which promised to disestablish the status quo by offering an open source platform that capitalized on all of the industry's hottest buzzwords, is not hard to understand.

Having more in common with a phone than an Xbox 360, the Ouya promised a robust digital experience full of free-to-play games, independent creations, and ports of some iOS favourites. There were a lot of lofty promises made in their well-polished introduction video that seem to be more hyperbole than genuine ("Minecraft is gonna be on it!" despite no confirmation from Mojang), but that didn't stop fans from throwing over $8.5 million at it, making it one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns to date and the highest grossing one on this list.

Despite all the hope, $8.5 million isn't a lot of money when you consider that most new platforms require billions of dollars to complete, but that hasn't dissuaded the team or the fans. The update posted at the end of November showed the latest prototype and it's looking rather remarkable. How the whole thing will play out and whether the device will work as advertised, we'll have to wait until next year to see; Ouya pre-orders are scheduled to ship in March 2013.