10 Days of Video Game Gender Benders

Creator: David Stonecipher

Date Ended: July 22, 2012

Initial Goal: $500

Final Amount: $0

Kickstarter Link 

Perhaps David Stonecipher saw Anita Sarkeesian's overwhelmingly successful campaign and made the connection that gender + games = money. It would certainly explain why he thought the bizarre idea to crowd-fund a series of illustrations depicting popular video game characters if they were born with a different set of chromosomes.

The drawings aren't particularly bad, but the question why anybody would fund this - especially when he announced that all of the art would be uploaded to his website for free - still begs to be asked. I'd like to give the gaming community the benefit of the doubt and assume it's not because they're uncomfortable with transgender depictions of their iconic heroes, but rather that there's really no tangible value provided to them here.

When the best possible reward is a $100 black and white sketch, you're not really offering all that much from a consumer angle. Considering that most professional comic book artists don't even charge that at conventions, it's probably time to re-evaluate your imagined self-importance.