Steam Holiday Sale

Retailer: Steam

Highlights: Dishonored ($29.99), F.E.A.R. Collection ($13.71), Tom Clancy Franchise Pack ($67.99), Darksiders Franchise Pack ($13.59), Prince of Persia Complete Pack ($12.24), Borderlands 2 ($29.99), Indie Super Mega Pack ($69.99)


The Steam holiday sale is back to destroy your bank account and plunder your wallet. With daily deals extended to 48 hours of airtime, publisher packs offering massive discounts on entire libraries, flash sales rotating every 12 hours, and community voted deals rotating twice a day, there's a lot to keep track of. 

Thankfully, Steam's been updated to send you emails whenever items on your wishlist hit a daily deal, giving you the most savings per item. So, load your wishlist up with your top titles, sit back, and wait for the discounts to come to you!