Game Downloads

Retailer: Amazon

Highlights: Desert to Sea Bundle ($9.99), Tantalizing THQ Medley ($7.49), Oh So Fine Bundle ($7.49), Darksiders Franchise Pack ($13.19)

Link:'s selection of downloadable deals over this past year have been pretty killer. They've kept pace with pretty much every Steam sale and had plenty of their own unique offers as well. As part of their year-end closeout, they're offering a bunch of mess that includes a Desert to Sea Bundle ($9.99) containing Spec Ops: The Line, BioShock, and BioShock 2, Tantalizing THQ Medley ($7.49) that holds most of the games offered in their Humble Bundle, and Oh So Fine Bundle ($7.49) straight from Tim Schafer's house, and a Darksiders Franchise Pack ($13.19) that carries everything Darksiders related ever.

There are a few other bundles and a handful of solo downloads including Hitman: Absolution ($19.99), Scribblenauts Unlimited ($20.09), Hotline Miami ($7.49), Max Payne 3 ($14.99), and a whole bunch more. Check it out. Odds are you'll find something worth buying.