Believe it or not, Sound Shapes is totally the type of game you can show to your entire family on a lazy holiday, post-meal, to convince them that video games are awesome. Some will appreciate the music, others the aesthetic, and still others the way the many aspects blend together to form the gameplay of the wonderful little PS3 and PS Vita title.

As a gift to all their fans, Queasy Games has released a holiday DLC pack today. According to a press release sent out by Sony, the five new Christmas-themed instruments, all taken from classic carols, should appear automatically when you boot up the game today. No doubt this is the "gift" that was mentioned when Sony announced the game's other recent DLC packs.

And if you want to get some extra attention from the team, be sure to include "#XMAS" in the title of any levels you upload over the holiday break.

Have you used Sound Shapes to convert any non-gamers?