Tomorrow Nintendo will be bringing one more bauble to distract your ADD ruined brain. Nintendo Wii U is launching their TV service, TVii, December 20.

Nintendo hopes to transform the TV viewing experience by creating a fully immersive, customizable, and social network integrated experience for each individual user. Social features will enbable sharing and integration over Facebook, Twitter, and Miiverse directly  from the GamePad. Get movie reviews, news, and if we are reading this last part right, the keys to your loved one's heart for all eternity.

Weirdly specific, but who are we to argue with marketing. Hopefully you're one of the people currently enjoying the Wii U and Nintendo wants to keep the party going. It will support Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video in the United States right out of the 'box' with Netflix and Tivo support to come in 2013. 

 December 20 is tomorrow, make sure you log on and register today. Let us know how it looks over on Twitter.