Redditor MikeTheInfidel has reportedly uncovered new details about the next Borderlands 2 DLC expansion, which will be titled "Sir Hammerlock's Big Game Hunt." MikeTheInfidel found what appears to be a marketing splash and/or list of features for the DLC tucked away with the files for the latest update to Borderlands 2. This is the official description he uncovered, as well as a list of bullet points in his own words:

"Danger! Excitement! Mustaches! It's time for another episode of Vault Hunter Adventures, featuring Sir Hammerlock! In this week's tale, our hard-boiled heroes travel to the savage continent of Aegrus! Their goal? To uncover the most exotic creatures Pandora has to offer, and give 'em the old one-two!"

  • One new head and one new skin for each class
  • A new vehicle - the fanboat (summoned from a Catch-A-Boat station), with 68 of its own skins and corrosive, incendiary, and shock weapon mods
  • Currently 12 side missions and 5 longer main story missions
  • A new raid boss ("Imagine, if you will, a Stalker the size of a small building. Now imagine yourself killing it.")
  • More new Seraph items
  • New kinds of enemies, like the borok and the scaylion
  • Lots of monster-tracking side missions assigned by Sir Hammerlock
  • A new swamp/jungle continent named Aegrus
  • A self-important but not-so-well-known new enemy who is "super-pumped we're archenemies now", and who leads a tribe of jungle savages and has an evil plan that might actually work
  • A new treasure room brimming with goodies... but with a time limit

And, of course...

  • Claptrap. Always Claptrap. ("Those savages briefly distracted me from the crushing loneliness of my existence!")

Our good pal Mike (The Infidel) also uncovered some interesting tidbits regarding another future update, this one codenamed "Gardenia" (the Big Game Hunt content is reportedly codenamed "Sage"): apparently it will include three character customization content packs, the 'Domination Pack', 'Supremacy Pack', and 'Madness Pack,' each of which will contain a new head and a new skin for all five existing character classes.

It's unknown whether this will be free or paid content at this point, though it may be worth noting that according to MikeTheInfidel, the data for this content was included in the latest update.

Are you looking forward to more Borderlands 2 DLC?

[via Kotaku]