A New Zealand man accidentally lost his vision after mixing vodka and diabetes medication. And then his sight returned while drinking whiskey. True story.

Denis Duthie, 65, was celebrating his parent's 50th wedding anniversary with a few drinks when everything went black. "I thought it had got dark and I'd missed out on a bit of time but it was only about half-past three in the afternoon," Duthie said.

When the old "sleep it off" method didn't work, Duthie visited a hospital. Doctors assumed it was methanol poisoning, caused by an accumulation of formaldehyde in his system. Doctors administered ethanol to keep the methanol from metabolizing into formaldehyde, but their supply ran out. Left with few options, a hospital employee went to a local liquor store and purchased a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black.

It worked, and Duthie praised the unconventional method. "I'm alive. The hospital was absolutely awesome. Couldn't have been better."

For insight into the healing powers of whisky—scotch, specifically—check out this guide to its creation.

[via Gawker]