Is the world ready to just pick up Lindsay Lohan's debt, hold her, and tell her everything is going to be alright? Probably not, but it's so hard to watch her in times like this.

Lohan has allegedly failed to pay up $16k for her local storage bill in L.A., meaning her unit could go on the block. Familiar with A&E's Storage Wars? It's like that, but unlike many of the useless units on the show, Lohan apparently has a number of personal belongings in the storage space.

The contents of the unit are set to hit the auction block later this month.

While none of her friends have apparently come to the rescue, don't worry, Scores strip club has. The NYC club offered to foot the entire bill if she'll do work for their website. And she doesn't even have to be naked!  Scores wants Lohan to be an online video chat host on its site, with clothes on. They've reportedly also offered to pay the rent on her leased Beverly Hills mansion for the next few months.

OK, so it's good that someone is coming to Lohan's rescue but Scores, aren't you nervous that this actress will be hosting your video chats? 

[via TMZ]