A judge in the Trayvon Martin murder case has denied George Zimmerman's request to remove his GPS monitoring device to travel off the radar within the state of Florida as he awaits his June 2013 trial for murdering the teenager in Sanford, FL, last February. The 29-year-old Zimmerman has been remanded to Seminole County since July, when a judge determined that he had presented false information regarding his assets and was a flight risk.

According to a 74-page motion filed by his attorney, Mark O'Mara, Zimmerman and his wife, Shellie, have been forced to live in hiding due to "fear of violence." The motion claims that Zimmerman would need to travel for personal safety, and would need to be available to aid his lawyers in meetings with witnesses. 

Judge Debra Nelson denied the request at a hearing regarding several motions filed by O'Mara, most of which surrounded requests for access to potential evidence.

[via NY Daily News]