Talking to GQ to promote the release of his upcoming film This is 40 - the "sort-of sequel" to Knocked Up - Judd Apatow divulged a bit of info about his plans for future projects. But don't get your hopes up for a "sort-of sequel" to Superbad or anything like that; Apatow says that his next project will be a drama on Broadway.

"I miss doing something where I’m interacting more with the audience," he said of the project. "I like the idea of writing something and rewriting it every night based on how it’s playing. I have a great idea. Maybe like the best idea I’ve ever had. It requires me to create characters and situations that have absolutely nothing to do with my experience."

He didn't give much info about what the play itself will be about, other than that it will center on victims of the criminal-justice system and the challenges they face. "I am excited to write something which has a social conscience. That is not something I have attempted before, and I hope I am up for the challenge."

Sounds interesting, for sure. On a related note, we'd also like to point out that, in this same interview, Apatow also says that he'd like to do "the sequel of all of the movies I've made," so why has the "sort-of sequel" to Superbad not happened yet? Raise of hands: Who would see a whole movie about McLovin'?

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[via GQ]