George Washington University is taking the high road (and doing the smart thing) by allowing students to use their meal plans at local food trucks. It makes perfect sense, as many of them set up shop on campus. Though no date has been mentioned for when this will become official, it sounds like a win for all parties involved:

Students will soon be able to pay with their GWorlds at food trucks around campus, an administrator said Wednesday.

Senior Associate Vice President for Administration Ed Schonfeld said the move was in response to a letter submitted by the Student Association this week.

The University has not yet decided when food trucks will begin accepting GWorlds, and Schonfeld said details about the application process have yet to be ironed out.

"We are in the process of developing criteria for [food trucks’] inclusion in the program,” Schonfeld said. “We continually look for ways to add variety and quality to students’ dining options. We hope that food trucks help meet this goal.”

Students get more options, the food trucks get more business, and the school gets a cut of the money. Everybody eats.

[via DCist]