Regardless of what you might have thought of BioShock Infinite's mildly generic box art reveal of Booker DeWitt over the weekend, we can all agree that this lady has sort of nailed it when it comes to looking like the game's mysterious heroine, Elziabeth.

Russian cosplayer Anna Moleva made such an impression on Irrational Games, that she will now be the face of BioShock Infinite moving forward. The job will include appearing at press events, appearing in live-action ads for the game, and generally living out every cosplayer's dream.

She's even going to be featured on the backside of the game's box art. Guess this means we will also be getting a live-action television spot for the game as well. This is huge for cosplayers and a pretty savvy move on the part of Irrational. Stay tuned for more updates, I'm sure we will be seeing more of Anna in the future.

[via Irrational Games]