35-year-old Aundrea Aragon's four month-long runny nose, which multiple doctor's credited to "severe allergies," turned out to be a cerebrospinal fluid leak. In layman's terms, brain fluid was leaking all over her face. "It wasn't even dripping, it was pouring out of my nose," said the Tucson, AZ native. Had the disease gone untreated, it could be deadly due to the risk of infection.

Aragon didn't question her initial diagnosis, but it's kind of hard to get used to living with something in your nose to catch the leakage, so she visited a local urgent care center. That's where she met a nurse and doctor who were shocked by her condition. After her condition was confirmed, she was sent to the University of Arizona for surgery.

The complicated procedure, which typically involves retracting the brain and repairing its leaky underbelly, was conducted in a simple and efficient manner. Aragon is recovering, and while doctors say she's "leak free" for the moment, they want to make sure no new leaks appear.

[via Gawker]