Author: Jean Brashear
Publisher: Harlequin
Promotional synopsis: "Grace Winters is the racing world's best-kept secret. And now the secret's out. The up-and-coming chef hopes her newfound celebrity as author of a NASCAR-themed cookbook will give her the financial security she craves. Falling for handsome, much-too-charming playboy Garrett Clark is just a recipe for disaster."

Yes, we are sure that guys who drive really fast cars for a living would be just tittering if they found out the identity of the gal who wrote a "NASCAR-themed cookbook." Also, what is a "NASCAR themed cookbook"? Is it just the menu from Quaker Steak? Or perhaps it has dishes like "Pit Crew Bacon Stuffed Potatoes" or something? Even the dopest of recipes can't be as lucrative as bearing Jeff Gordon's child, right? Great books raise so many questions....