The 25 Most Ridiculous Holiday Children's Books

5. The Twelve Days of Christmas in New Jersey

Author: Maraget Woollatt
Illustrator: Rich Rossi
Published: 2008

We found many worthy potential targets in publisher Sterling's "Twelve Days of Christmas in America" series: one can only imagine the hippie B.S. that must be contained in the Washington version and the redneckery that must come standard in the Oklahoma, South Carolina, and Texas tomes. Of course, we finally settled on New Jersey as the most ridiculous of the series.

Anyone who has spent even one day of Christmas in New Jersey knows that it is not something to be immortalized on the page. While we like a lot of the choices made here, including 7 Jersey Devils, 6 Sandy Castles, and 5 Golden Lighthouse beams, we have some suggestions of our own. How about three of the worst cities in America, two aging rock stars who are extremely overrated, and one Governor whose recent popularity makes us forget his distaste for the poor....

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