Year: 2008
Rating: 73
Crucial Stat: 10.8 PER
The Difference: Michael Doleac had a perfectly fine NBA career as a perfectly fine backup center for a number of teams. Coming out of Utah, and fresh off a surprise run to the NCAA title game, he was a lottery pick, but ended up with a career mirroring that of Brad Lohaus. Again, nothing to sneeze at, especially since he won a ring with the 2006 Miami Heat as the guy tasked with spelling Shaq for a few minutes at a time. However, for some reason, going into what would be his final year in the pros, NBA 2K8 decided to rate Doleac an astonishing 73, fairly high for a man with a career PER of 10.8 (well below average, remember), and only five points behind Chris Kaman who went on to have his best season as a pro in 2007-08. Now Kaman is starting for a Mavericks team that has playoff-sleeper potential once Dirk Nowitzki returns and Doleac has been out of the League since spring '08 and is in med school, his unnecessarily high NBA 2K8 rating chief among the reasons for his early retirement.