Intersection: Union Ave. and South 5th St./Montrose Ave.
Notable Sights Nearby: Walgreens, NYPD's 90th Precinct

How do bodegas serve so much alcohol you've never seen anywhere else, and may never see again? Granted, you can't order 40s of malt liquor and knock-off energy drink/alcohol combos at most bars, but, with the endless rows of options, bodegas are a Narnia for booze. Behind every refrigerator door is some new concoction to tempt you as you stumble home from that house party and decide you need one last sixer before bed. Hurricane, Crazy Stallion, Silver Thunder, and the rest provide more entertainment value with their packaging than their taste, but the price is usually right. Remember to ask for a brown bag, especially at this location; the 90th Precinct is just across the street.