Year: 2000
Developer: EA Sports Big
Sport: Snowboarding
System: Playstation 2
Lowdown: The original SSX was one of the launch games with PS2 and it's easy to see why: the game is fast, ridiculous, easy to grasp quickly, and above all incredibly fun. Playing as one of four caricatures, players can race and, physics having been sufficiently thrown out the window, perform absurd rail-slides, jumps, flips, grabs, and then win and unlock more weirdos. Someone in your way? Knock 'em down and watch them crash helplessly into the snow face first before doing a front-flip off a cliff, but don't forget to tweak it. Bail and suffer your own misfortune? With any luck someone will land on you and go tumbling as well. The cartoony aspects of the game take away some of the oomph, but a vicious face plant that's the result of your careless pushing and shoving of other is something everyone can take pride in.