Year: 1993
Developer: Electronic Arts
Sport: Football
System: Sega Genesis
Lowdown: MFL ran on the Madden '93 engine, but who was EA trying to kid here? You play with mutants. Mutants in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, in which everyone was poisoned by radiation, who also deal with the occasional zombie. The field of play? Some of it's on fire. There are landmines, and just some straight-up voids into nothingness. You could die during a game, at which point you will...fumble the ball. If the landmines don't get you, the ol' exploding ball trick will. Or are you more into administering electric shocks? You can also bribe the refs once a half, in order to get them making bad calls (and thus: become an assassination target of the other team). You can also kill the ref by piling up on him or pushing him onto a mine (and since it's totally an accident in this hellscape-no penalty). There's also a season mode. Win it? The other team explodes. Just out of nowhere. Kaboom.