Death From Above

Primary Weapon: SWAT-556 (ACOG Scope)

Secondary Weapon: None

Lethal: C4 (x2)

Tactical: Black Hat PDA (x2)

Perks: Hardline, Hard Wired, Engineer

Wildcards: Danger Close

When you've got access to a near infinite military budget, why wouldn't you want to try out all the shiniest toys? This loadout is designed to maximize your killstreak abilities with Hardline front-and-center, reducing the number of kills you're going to need to rack up to earn one.

Once you've got a really deadly killstreak deployed, there's nothing worse than having your radar go offline, preventing you from aiming it properly. Hard Wired will keep your enemies in focus, even when they have a deployed Counter-UAV. It can be hard racking up the kills necessary to make this plan work though, and if you're so inclined, Engineer makes you an expert thief allowing you to steal care packages even more effectively.
In terms of weapons, the SWAT-556 was chosen to help give you additional precision when attacking. It's 3-round burst coupled with the ACOG Scope makes it deadly accurate; perfect for killstealing. Of course it's no fun playing with all the nice toys if every kid on the block's got them, so if you find an enemy vehicle use your C4 or Black Hat PDA to finish it off.