Travel back to the embryonic past of gaming history. The King of Arcades is a crowd-sourced documentary that explores the iconic heyday of video gaming in its most nascent form.

Richie Knucklez raises a truly valid point in this trailer. Gaming is a part of our collective pop-culture heritage, and should be respected and preserved. These games were the seed that helped grow a multi-billion dollar a year industry into what it is today.

"The King of Arcades is directed by award-winning filmmaker Sean Tiedeman and produced by Krystle-Dawn Willing. Starting as a passion project, this movie launched the team on an unexpected journey; from discovering the historic past in Ralph Baer's personal workshop, to capturing the present as the Smithsonian Museum recognizes gaming as art."

You'll even catch a glimpse of Isiah, oh shit Hurricane Sandy cut me in line for a Wii-U, Triforce Johnson in the documentary. Check out the trailer and let us know what you think on Twitter.

Head to their Kickstarter page to donate and make the documentary come true.