John McAfee, of the famous McAfee Antivirus software, has a deadly dark side. Gizmodo is reporting that the software pioneer, 67, is currently wanted for murder in Belize after allegedly pulling the trigger on a fellow American expatriot there over the weekend.

McAfee had reportedly developed a rivalry with the slain man, Gregory Faull, 52, who just last week filed a complaint against him with the mayor's office. Faull had taken issue with McAfee's penchant for shooting off guns and "roguish behavior."

Since moving to Belize, McAfee's behavior is said to have become increasingly erratic. He's been known to stockpile firearms, cavort with teenage native girls and violent gangsters and is suspected of cooking designer drugs, including bath salts, in a private chemistry lab.

Born in England but raised in Virginia, McAfee started his antivirus company in 1989, predating the Internet revolution that would make its chief product a household necessity. His personal fortune reportedly took a significant hit during the recession, reaching a low of $4 million in 2009.

[via Gizmodo]