Quentin Tarantino has made a career of avoiding mainstream movie making by crafting a unique cinematic vision that most directors can’t come close to comprehending, but after his 2007 flick, Grindhouse, failed at the box office, the director told Playboy (via Deadline) that he was actually offered some big-budget blockbuster jobs from studios. These studios assumed that the director wanted a sure-fire hit to work on after a flop, and one of the films he was pitched was Green Lantern.

"They did get in touch with me in the very early, early, early, early stages of Green Lantern, and a couple of other things. They’ve learned,” he said. “They’ve probably learned not to call me, they know I write my own shit. But after Grindhouse flopped, I actually started getting like aggressive offers for some big Hollywood hot project movies. And I felt like, I see where they’re coming from. They’re thinking I’m a little insecure right now and that I’m going to want to get back on the horse right away, in a solid situation.”

We all know now that Martin Campbell eventually got the Green Lantern job and it quickly became one of the biggest superhero disappointments of the last 20 years. Would the result have been different under Tarantino? We’re not sure, but it would have at least been interesting to watch.

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