Two brothers from upstate New York have been charged with attempted grand larceny and conspiracy after scheming to steal a $5 million New York lottery ticket purchased at their parents' convenience store. 34-year-old Andy Ashkar was also charged with criminal possession of stolen property after trying to rip off the buyer of the winning ticket.

Ashkar told the buyer that the ticket had only won $5,000, then gave the man $4,000 after pocketing a thousand dollar "fee." What an asshole, right? When he and his brother, 36-year-old Nayel Ashkar, went to redeem the ticket, they allegedly told lottery officials that they'd gladly take home less than the full amount if they could "avoid a news conference." 

Regardless, they were unable to keep their swindle under wraps. Now, they're going to pay for it.

[via Gawker and the New York Times]