With the success that Skyfall is currently experiencing in theaters all over the world, it looks like James Bond is back at the top of the pop-culture heap where he belongs. And with Sony looking to put out another installment in the franchise by 2014, you better believe that roles in the film are going to be highly coveted for any actor.

But with Daniel Craig already committed to returning as 007, the next best thing for an actor would be the role of a villain. And in an interview with The London Evening Standard, Kevin Spacey talked about his urge to play an iconic Bond villain, especially if Sam Mendes returns as director.

“I would hope [Bond producers] the Broccolis agree [that I would make a good Bond villain] and that Sam is going to do the next one,” Spacey said. “That would be a lot of fun. I adore him. I had some of the most seminal experiences of my career with him, both a decade ago with American Beauty and last year with Richard III [at the Old Vic]. It would be sublime to work with him again. It doesn’t surprise me he has had such a big success with Bond.”

Spacey has played villain roles before in movies like Seven and Superman Returns, and we would totally be on board with him as a Bond foe. He has the ability to get under an audience's skin, despite being about as physically imposing as a desk lamp. Let’s hope he’s at least considered for the next Bond go-around.

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[via The London Evening Standard]