Taylor Stevens has gotten attention for a lot of reasons. The Palestinian beauty was nicknamed the "Boobs Behind DeBoer" after being caught on camera during the 2012 Stanley Cup Championships. Tay was also recognized as Best Cam Babe by the Free Ones website and is currently nominated for the Xbiz Webbabe Award 2012. But it was her shout out from Drake at a concert in Miami that got even more people talking. During an interview with Complex, Taylor confessed her adoration for the Young Money rap crooner and revealed that he even refers to her as his "wifey."

Even with her name constantly churning in the rumor mill and being an activist for fighting cancer (in 2010 she was diagnosed with Lymphoma) Taylor Stevens doesn't neglect her passion for gaming. Call of Duty is one of her all time favorites and she spoke to us about her love for the franchise. Check out the interview after the jump.

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Complex: First person shooters are huge in the gaming world. Why do you think that the Call of Duty franchise is the most popular?

Taylor Stevens: There are so many reasons for this, first, they're easy to play and I get to be proud f my skills. It's like I'm right there doing the dirty deed [lol]. Also any friends and family who are not trying to get you away from the game can pick up a controller and learn how to play easily. The main reason why the Call of Duty franchise is the most popular is simple. It's realistic, it's got an amazing story and has a great multiplayer aspect. They put a LOT of effort into multiplayer. When I play, I love being able to rub my rewards and perks in my opponents faces, especially when boys think that I can't play because I'm a girl. I also think the overall graphics and game play of COD is better than any other first person game. To sum it up, if its not broken don't fix it. Call of Duty never changes, it's easy to play and who doesn't like getting rewarded for doing the wrong things? That's my naughty mind talking. People like consistency and that's just what this game delivers.

Do you get a rush when playing? Was there any part of the games that you remember the most?
Oh I always get a rush when playing, its a great way to get my frustrations out. My adrenaline starts pumping and all of a sudden I'm on a rampage and think I'm the best gun shooter on the planet. If I'm having a bad day or angry for whatever reason, a little COD makes it all better. Sometimes, if I haven't played in a while and start again, I'm on the edge of my seat because I don't want to die! It's like people are really shooting at me and I'm running for my own life. In terms of memorable moments, it's super hard to narrow it down to just one. I feel like there is always a shock factor involved that's raised in each game. Some that stand out to me though are in Modern Warfare 2 when General Shepherd turns on his team crazaaaaaaaay ! Id also have to say the final mission of Modern Warfare 3 and when the nuke goes off in COD 4.

A lot of fans prefer multiplayer to campaign mode. What's your favorite and why?
Again, it's hard to choose a favorite. I like campaign because I prefer a story and a plot and it's more entertaining. It gets me so involved. There are so many crazy-ass kids on the microphone during multiplayer it gets a bit nuts, but it's all in good fun. I do like multiplayer sometimes because of the interaction with people. I think people are really intimidated my mulitplayer, but the combat training modes help rookies get into it. It also makes me feel super competitive and I have to be accountable to other people playing. Multiplayer gets my heart racing like a wild night of sex. It just depends what kind of mood I'm in.

Do you prefer playing at night or during the day and why?
I think everything is sexier at night. To be honest, I'd play all day, every day if I could! I just don't have that kind of time. I'm a night owl though and I'm always camming at night so I get to interact with all my fans on playwithtay.com. If you're on, you are actually playing with me and watching me while I cam it's really cool. The light of the TV makes me feel like I'm right there in the trenches with the soldiers. I think they might like that ;).

Do you ever get involved with the trash talking that often goes on?
I love the trash talk! It's super fun but I don't always get involved. I'm a great sport, but its so easy to get caught up into it. I love to sit back and listen to people go back and forth. Since I'm used to trash talking with boys about sports and grew up with three brothers, I'm used to it. It can get a little crazy sometimes but I'm the girl who always says what she feels so i always got something to say. When I wanna focus on playing though, I just listen to it all and laugh. Being a girl too they love to dish it out but I'm always one to say if you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.

What was your first experience like with the game? How long did it take you to get accustomed to the controls?
It was overwhelming, It's the same way when I haven't played in a while. Like sex, it could go either way but it was great! I loved playing missions using sniper rifles. It didn't take me too long to get used to the controls. It was a quick learning curve. I pick up on things easily. 

What are your favorite weapons of in Call of Duty franchise? Why?
Really, you're gonna ask a Palestinian girl who loves to shoot guns to pick a favorite? There are too many to count. I like light machine guns because they have rapid fire and I get to move fast with them. I'm great with grenades and I love blowing shit up. From time to time, I'm pretty active with the sniper rifles and the M16 is one of my favourites because its been the most effective for me in combat. Other weapons I love are the ACRs because out of the whole series, it was the most accurate. That gun will kill anyone that walks in my path of destruction! I don't like heartbeat sensors though! AK-47s, M1 Garands, The Thompson SMG, M4 Carbie, MP40, MG36, MSR and the AS50 always get shit done! Also, very effective is the M2 flamethrower even though it doesn't last long. I once did a photo shoot using flamethrowers, and there's nothing like scorching the shit out of your enemies. The roof the roof the roof is on fire! Burn baby, burn. I'm silly I know but hey, that's me :).