It's official! Cyber Monday has been crowned the biggest online shopping day in history as multiple sources report big turnouts. IBM's Smarter Commerce initiative tracked data of 500 online retailers and, according to the firm's data, Internet sales rose 30% from 2011.

IBM discussed the record-setting online shopping numbers in a blog post:

"With an increase in online sales across multiple channels, the digital consumer took center stage."

Compared to last year, mobile sales rose 70%. Thirteen percent of the total sales this Monday were made from smartphones and tablet devices. 

Paypal also tracked data and saw a 190% increase in global mobile payment compared to 2011. What's more, Adobe tracked big retailers like Best Buy and Walmart and determined that sales increased by 17%, resulting in $1.98 billion in revenue.

"Online shoppers opened up their wallets in a big way today as spending soared off the charts, crowning Cyber Monday 2012 as the busiest online shopping day in history," said Tamara Gaffney, a digital marketing associate at Adobe.

[via CNET]