The horrific murder of Elizabeth Short is one of the most notorious crimes in American history and has inspired multiple movies and decades' worth of conjecture. But nothing hits quite as hard as the real thing; meaning, the actual January 1947 crime scene photos, which are easily found on Google but too gruesome for us to post here.

On January 15, 1947, the 23-year-old woman's mutilated body was found in Los Angeles' Leimert Park area. Her body had been bisected at the waist, all of her blood drained out, and there was a pronounced slash that stretched the corners of her mouth to her ears, creating a Joker-like smile. Lastly, her mangled corpse was washed and "posed" on the ground.

The cause of death was ruled as a hemorrhage caused by powerful blows to her head and face. To this day, nobody knows who killed Elizabeth Short, though upwards of 60 people—presumedly looking for fame or recognition—have confessed.