On Thursday, October 4, National Guardsman Noel Polanco was shot and killed by NYPD Detective Hassan Hamdy. Hamdy had pulled over Polanco for driving erratically on Grand Central Parkway. Initially, the story went like this: Hamdy told Polanco to show him his hands. When Polanco reached under the seat, Hamdy shot him once in the abdomen, killing him. There was a power drill found in the car, but no weapon.

Now, witness Diane DeFerrari, who was in the passenger seat next to Polanco during the shooting, is disputing that story. She claims that the cops had been harassing them while Polanco was driving, flicking them off as they sped down Grand Central Parkway. When Polanco finally pulled over, Hamdy approached the vehicle with his gun already drawn. DeFerrari says that Hamdy discharged his weapon as he was demanding that Polanco put his hands up. According to DeFerrari, Polanco never reached underneath the seat.

NYPD spokesman Paul Browne has now said that it is unclear whether Polanco moved after he was told to show his hands.

More on this as it unfolds.

[via Village Voice]