The 20 Most Gratuitous Girl-on-Girl Scenes in Movies

Eva Longoria and Kate del Castillo

Movie: Without Men (2011)

In a small town in Latin America, all the men—every one of them—are called to fight in the country's civil war. In the absence of dudes, the place becomes a female utopia, and what's more, the inherent bisexuality of all women bubbles up. This is a theory that our culture generally accepts: While men are either straight or gay, straight women, under the right circumstances, will go for girl-girl action. Hey, we didn't invent the theory, we're merely repeating it.

So what is the message of Without Men—that an all-female society would be superior to the mixed-gender one we know? Or that Eva Longoria will have sexy time with another Latina if left alone with her long enough? Both seem to be true.

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