Remember back in the day when Apple was building its brand by telling people to "Think Different" and positioning itself as the underdog battling against the corporate behemoths? Those days are over. It's now the world's most valuable tech company. It sells more iPads than some computer companies do computers. And the iPhone is the iPhone. It's a corporate behemoth. 

And none of that is lost on its competitors. Even if they, like Samsung, which has recently enjoyed taking shots at Apple, are also corporate behemoths. 

Nokia today released a great animated commercial that portrays Apple as Big Brother and its customers as mindless drones. The commercial is for Nokia's recently announced Lumia 920, an attractive, feature-packed smartphone. But you wouldn't know that until the very end of the ad. 

Nokia's not the first to show Apple in that light. Samsung has a whole ad campaign devoted to the idea. And Motorola did the same with its 2011 Super Bowl commercial for the Xoom tablet. 

This seems to be the new trend for companies competing with Apple: Tell customers to think different and buy something not designed in Cupertino. Never mind the fact that Samsung, according to a report from the Yonhap News Agency, will sell over 30 million Galaxy S III smartphones by the end of 2012. Or that Nokia has aligned itself with Microsoft, the company that's currently battling Google (which owns Motorola) for the title of second most valuable tech company in the U.S. 

We imagine RIM has an Apple-bashing commercial in the stash for when it finally releases BlackBerry 10. 

[via Tech Crunch