Attorney Maggie Baumer locked herself out of her Manhattan apartment on Friday night, and launched an intoxicated plan to break into her apartment. Baumer realized that she had given her keys to a friend, so rather than pay a locksmith, she decided to break in through the building's garbage chute. Even the most intelligent people do the dumbest things when they're drunk.

Baumber rang the buzzer on the exterior of her apartment building until someone let her inside, then decided to break into her apartment through the building's garden. The garden is only accessible through a cellar, which was apparently only accessible through a garbage chute. 

After diving head first down the chute, Baumer got her arm caught in the motion-triggered trash compactor. Her arm was nearly sliced all the way off, and the 17 firefighters had to shut the buiiding's power off and give her morphine to numb the pain. She was trapped for painful hour before being rescued. In hindsight, she would've much rather called a locksmith.

[via Gawker]