Known In The '70s For: Being called the Queen of Las Vegas thanks to her hugely successful self-titled Vegas variety show

Lola Falana was an all-purpose international star, a Jill of all trades who got her break dancing in Sammy Davis Jr.'s Broadway musical Golden Boy in the mid-60s. As the '70s loomed, Falana became a star of Italian cinema. Stateside, she appeared in crime flicks and variety shows, where she sang, danced, and did sketch comedy. She put out a disco record. Hell, she was doing it all, and yet not doing enough of any one thing.

That's when her old mentor, Sammy Davis Jr., brought her to Las Vegas. She sold out rooms at the Sands, the Riviera, and the MGM Grand. When she secured a $100,000-a-week gig at the Aladdin, she became the highest paid female entertainer in Vegas.