An Emirati man from Abu Dhabi says his Russian wife secretly inseminated herself without informing him, and right before their divorce, too. The couple split three weeks after she became pregnant, and while the man has acknowledged the baby girl as his own, he is furious that his ex-wife went behind his back and impregnated herself with his sperm, which was frozen at the clinic where they had sought fertility treatment during happier times.

The woman admitted to forging the man's signature on consent forms authorizing the use of his sperm, and the man claims he did not find out he had a child until four months after the two had split up. The woman filed a lawsuit demanding that her ex-husband register the daughter under his name. The Court of Frist Instance ruled in her favor, so the man filed a counter suit claiming that the woman wants to stay in the United Arab Emirates to use his benefits.

This is a mess, and sadly, there's a child caught in the middle. Be careful what you do with your sperm, and make sure you choose the right partner.

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[via Daily Mail UK]