If there's one thing you should take away from Nintendo's Wii U event, it's that the Wii U will hit stores on November 18th. That's a Sunday, people, so keep that weekend clear if you're planning on camping out to get one at midnight.

Taking after the multi-tiered set of Xbox 360 and PS3 hardware, the Wii U will come in two different bundles, with two different prices. The basic bundle comes comes features a console with "basic" 8GB hard drive, and a Gamepad controller. When you buy "basic", both the console and the gamepad are White.

The "Deluxe" version also comes with a console and a gamepad, but the "deluxe" hardware sports a much bigger 32GB hard drive. The deluxe also comes with a few extra goodies, like a charging cradle for the gamepad, and stands for both the controller and the console. Most importantly: Nintendo's franchising mash-up minigame collection, Nintendoland, only comes packaged in with the deluxe version. 

One more thing; there's also a digital incentive. Players who get the deluxe bundle will be enrolled in a program on Nintendo Network where buying games and content digitally through the e-shop nets you points to spend on future digital purchases.

So Which Should you Buy? The difference between the two black and white, literally. Despite being priced higher than most would want, the deluxe version of the Wii U comes with so much extra content that it seems like a mistake not to shell out the extra dough.

Regardless of which bundle you buy, Nintendo confirmed at the event that the connection between the Wii and Wii U won't be limited to reusing the Wiimote - The Wii U will be backwards compatible with "almost all" Wii games and peripherals.