Complex: Want to give any hints about specific things or easter eggs that fans will recognize?

Braillard: Yes we do, but I'm hesitant to talk about "easter eggs." And I don't mean to be cagey, but I'm going to love to see the reaction of the fans when they come through the house and say, "Oh! I can't believe they had this!" or, "I can't believe they had that!" And what's nice is that it runs the entire gamut of all of the games as well as the films.

Hulett: And this is stuff that I would hope, without giving anything away, it's not necessarily in-your-face stuff, you know, they're not just throwing, like, a scary thing from an obscure corner of the game, but it's really subtle things. So fans will have to be as eagle-eyed as they are when they played the games.

Braillard: [That] was a much more eloquent answer.

Hulett: [Laughing] In gaming we're a lot more used to hiding spoilers.