After Anne Hathaway silenced the doubters by pulling off the role of Catwoman perfectly in The Dark Knight Rises, The Hollywood Reporter has now broken the news that the actress is looking to add another big budget blockbuster to her credit as she is in talks with Dreamworks to star in Steven Spielberg’s upcoming sci-fi action flick, Robopocalypse. If she gets the role, she will star alongside Chris Hemsworth.

Robopocalypse deals with a homicidal AI unit that plans the destruction of mankind in a futuristic world where society becomes dependent on robots. So this is pretty much every futuristic robot thriller ever, but it will be directed by Spielberg, so it already has our interest. Robopocalypse will also be produced by Tom Rothman, who will leave his post as the chairman of Fox on January 1.

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[via THR]