What you need: Scientific calculator; Texas Instruments TI-83 Plus, $79

Risk level: Medium

This may be the oldest high-tech cheating method. This tip is primarily for cheating on some sort of math or science exam where equations and theorem are needed. As you know, graphing calculators are able to store equations and other information for later use. You can use this function, of course, to store data that you need to pass your test. Here’s how you do it. 

  •  Press Program, select “New”, then press “Enter” 
  •  Name the new program whatever you want. The keys will automatically be in alpha mode. 
  • Type in your formulas
  • To read the notes/programs, go to “Edit” and select the appropriate one. 
  • Most teachers will walk around and erase the memory from your calculator to avoid this sort of thing. However, if you press the “2nd” key, then the “+” key (it’s the memory button), then go to “All," you'll your note/program. Once you find them, hit “Enter”. An asterisk will appear next to it. This means it’s safe. After the teacher erases your memory, go back to that menu and viola!