First appearance: Whiz Comics #2 (1940)

With all of the strength of Superman, Shazam—or Captain Marvel as he has been known—has always been a favorite among comic book fans, but he's relatively unknown amongst the masses. The interesting twist to the character is that in his civilian life he's a young boy named Billy Baston, but he gets turned into a powerful superhero when he utters the magical word “Shazam.”

That worked back in the ‘40s, but DC has been having trouble revitalizing the character in recent decades, and we’re sure it would be even harder for modern movie fans to latch onto him. In this world that is obsessed with grim and gritty heroes, Captain Marvel would seem outdated. Maybe if the company finds a direction for a modern Shazam that works in the comics then this movie would be a success. But until then, just leave it alone.