The casualty: actor Cuba Gooding Jr.

Cuba Gooding Jr.'s resume is rather deceiving. Following his Academy Award-winning performance in the 1996 smash Jerry Maguire, the actor has appeared in over 30 movies, which would lead one to believe that his career is alive and well. And it is, if by "alive and well" you mean "relegated to either small, co-starring parts, dismissible family films, of straight-to-DVD junk."

The credit for Gooding's downward spiral, post-Maguire, goes to Boat Trip, an excruciating embarrassment of a film that makes Snow Dogs look like Old Yeller. It's the kind of movie an actor should make years before starring in an Oscar-baiting movie, when upstart thespians are desperate enough to establish themselves that they'll willingly participate in the Z-grade comedies rejected by Saturday Night Live cast members. For a once-in-demand Academy Award recipient, though, Boat Trip is the kiss of leading-man death. Unless you consider Daddy Day Camp to be a good look.