"Regardless of what kind of rum you’re making, it will be aged. Most rums are barrel-aged. Brugal Rum is aged in American Oak casks that once held bourbon. By law, bourbon casks can only be used once, which has created a huge secondary market for the barrels.

"With aging, time, wood quality, and climate are the big considerations. Because of the constant heat in the Caribbean, the interaction between the wood and the spirit, in which the wood adds character, depth, and softness to what is in the barrel, takes place at a much faster rate. For example, five years of aging in the Dominican Republic could have the same impact on the liquid in the barrel as aging several times that length in a cooler climate, like Scotland.

"People are waking up to the fact that a great aged rum can have the complexity, character, and the enjoyability of a great glass of whiskey."