Adult film star Mr. Marcus has admitted to starting that syphilis scare that shut down the porn industry, LA Weekly is reporting. In a confession to Adult Video News, Mr. Marcus - whose real name is Marcus J. Spencer - revealed that he had masked STD tests indicating he was infected with syphilis so that he could continue to work. From AVN:

Yesterday afternoon's meeting was the first time Mr. Marcus admitted to being diagnosed as positive for syphilis, performing three times after that diagnosis, and willfully doctoring one test from Talent Testing Service.

Mr. Marcus said that as of yesterday each of the female performers he worked with since testing positive had re-tested negative for syphilis, which [FSC executive director Diane] Duke confirmed.

According to Spencer, however, there has not been an "outbreak" of the STD - he claims to have followed doctor's orders and says that he took the required medication after testing positive, but masked his test results regardless so as not to raise any questions. 

[via LA Weekly]