Lawyers for both Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are meeting in court today to decide exactly what the hell is going on with their pending divorce.

They're either going to settle this case or it's going to trial, which is what Humphries hopes for, considering that a prenuptial agreement he signed prior to getting married leaves him with practically nothing but a bad reputation to show for the entire 72-day affair.

According to TMZ, his lawyers even tried to subpoena Kanye West, by putting the document in a Nordstrom box and sending it to Kim's house. Her lawyer, Laura Wasser, says Kim's already incurred $250k in legal fees, but isn't sure what exactly Kris wants to get out of the situation.

His lawyers have also sent subpoenas to Kris Jenner, NBC Universal and Bunim/Murray, the producers of her Kim's reality shows. Humphries is basically trying to prove that the marriage was an elaborate hoax engineered by team Kardashian to boost ratings for her TV show.

Let's see how this plays out.

[via TMZ]