So, in addition to throwing suicides on his private jet, Kanye West also serves tempura and filet mignon. At least that's what Skrillex said during an interview with the NY Times Magazine. Skrillex recalled Kanye flying him out to Vegas to watch him DJ, and then inviting him back to his hotel to work on music:

Kanye West flew you to Vegas in a private jet. What’s it like? It was big, and it was fancy, and it had really hot stewardesses serving food, and his entourage was basically similar to mine, a bunch of guys on laptops working nonstop all the time, and so was he. He works hard, too, man.

You get something better than a cold sandwich on Air Kanye? They brought out a lot of, like, decadent desserts and definitely really fancy-looking stuff, sushi and tempura and filet mignon, if you wanted.

It gets that nice when you live that life.

[via Gothamist]