Notable Restaurants: A Voce
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Missy Robbins is President Obama’s favorite chef. While working in Spiaggia in Chicago, the Obamas regularly visited the Italian restaurant where Robbins trained under Tony Mantuano, one of only a handful of four-star Italian chefs in the nation. It wasn’t until five years later that Robbins would secure the position that would win her much-deserved praise—executive chef at A Voce. At A Voce, Robbins  revamped much of the menu and earned a Michelin Star for her elegant take on Italian cuisine. Robbins attributes her success to allowing food to speak for itself, and keeping things simple rather than giving into the food fad of the moment. "You know I’m not really a trendy girl," Robbins admits. "I cook what I like to eat. I like to focus on ingredients and make them shine."