Since Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal, which sent shock waves through the Twilight fan community and gossip blog circuit earlier this week, is somewhat akin to a national emergency, everyone understandably has their own methods of coping.

Exhibit one, for instance: the scorned fan. Because, of course, this directly affects not only those actually involved in the ordeal, including Robert Pattinson, Rupert Sanders (Stewart's Snow White and the Hunstman director), and Liberty Ross (Sanders' wife), but also every single fan who loved them. And then there's exhibit two: a dude telling that scorned fan exactly what the rest of us are thinking. He deserves endless praise.

And then, well, there are the Tumblr users. Take note, guys, this is how Generation Internet deals with their emotions. So sit back, relax, and feel the sorrow of Twilight fanatics.

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