It was bound to happen one of these days: The Amazing Spider-Man has finally been knocked off of the number one spot at the box office after dominating since its July 4th opening date in favor of the newly-released and family-friendly Ice Age: Continental Drift. Spider-Man kept near the top, however, pulling in a $35 million as opposed to Ice Age's fairly weak $46 million, putting it at number two.

Both films, however, have seen huge international earnings - Spider-Man has earned about $521.4 million since opening worldwide, $200.9 million of which is domestic, while Ice Age has hit about $385 million worldwide with just $46 million of that being domestic.

As for other films - Ted moved down to the number three spot this weekend with $22.1 million, Pixar's Brave fell to number four with $10.7 million, and Magic Mike to the fifth spot with $9 million. 

What did you see this weekend?

[via The Hollywood Reporter]