Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artists: Chris Samnee, Sara Pichelli, and David Marquez

It might seem strange that the one Spider-Man book on our list doesn’t even star Peter Parker as the Web Slinger, but that’s just a testament to how incredible Brian Michael Bendis’ re-imagining of the character has been so far. Starring Mile Morales (a half Latino, half African American teen), this Spider-Man book doesn’t focus on brawls with villains or rehashed plots. Bendis is more concerned with crafting one of the only superhero comics on shelves that's a true character-focused drama.

Over the past few issues, we have gotten to know Miles from the inside out as he quickly gets acquainted with his newfound powers, battles the Scorpion, and finds out the dangerous secret of his uncle, who happens to be a rebooted version of the Prowler.

The only thing holding Ultimate Comics Spider-Man back from climbing even higher on this list is the fact that Bendis hasn’t found a long-running artist for it. When the original Ultimate Spider-Man launched in 2000, Bendis teamed with artist Mark Bagley for over 100 issues, and their work together soon became legendary. That’s the type of writer/artist relationship this book needs to truly be one of the best.