Writer: David Liss
Artist: Colton Worley

We’re just a few issues into the series at this point, but The Spider has already shown so much promise that we would be remiss not to feature it here. Writer David Liss has done the impossible by bringing The Spider—a forgotten character from the pulp days—back into the modern world in a way that's both completely fresh yet still manages to pay tribute to the stories from the past.

Armed with nothing more than a few basic weapons and a serious hatred for the criminal ilk, Richard Wentworth prowls the streets at night looking for vengeance under the foreboding guise of The Spider. That may sound like a typical vigilante comic—and, in some ways, it is—but without years of heavy continuity and back-story attached to the character, Liss is able to create a great crime story without getting bogged down in comic company politics.

The Spider has the tone and flavor of an old-school pulp tale, and the moody art by Colton Worley goes a long way towards bringing this world to life. If you like your heroes with a bit of an edge, it doesn’t get much better than this book.